The Eerie Folktales Behind Iceland’s Natural Wonders – National Geographic

The scenic country of Iceland is known for its friendly locals, jaw-dropping waterfalls, and some of the best views of the aurora borealis in the world. A lesser known aspect of the popular tourist destination is its quirky and distinctive folklore, which features characters such as trolls, elves, ghosts, and fairies, and is integrated into the histories of many of the country’s famed natural formations.

End of World ‘IN WEEKS’ as signs ’10 Bible plagues to destroy Earth have started’

Do you believe that the world is coming to an end?

Now according to this article:
"THE end of the world is coming in weeks and the first of the Biblical 10 plagues have already been seen, according to extraordinary claims.
Conspiracists have long prophesied that a massive planet – called Planet X or Nibiru – will obliterate all life forms after smashing into Earth.
Paranormal researcher David Meade previously claimed the exact date of the collision will be October this year – just over eight weeks time."

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The tiny glow in the dark shark with a massive nose: New lanternshark species has evolved to sniff out prey in the dark depths of the Pacific Ocean.

Researchers have identified a new species of miniature lanternshark that glows in the dark. 

The shark, which measures 14.5 inches long (36.8 centimeters) and weighs less than two pounds (0.9 kilograms), was serendipitously found 1,000 feet (305 meters) below the Pacific Ocean, off the coast of the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands.

For more about this new species click here.

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